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The first day of my story schedule, and I’m already fucking it up. xD

So I’m having some game graphics issues, and I’m trying to get them fixed. But because of it I may not have a asylum challenge up today.


Two asylum challenge updates will be posted next Wednesday. 

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What do you guys want as a 600+ gift? I can make bases, shirt stencils, accessory tattoos.

Please let me know! xo


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This heart is yours
So take it as you please.
But if you walk away,
I need that heart to breathe.


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For my late night tumblerites.

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The Men and Women of We Who Live.

I’m sure you don’t care at this point.
But I love them.
So get over it. xD

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Story Timeline.

Lacey & Ryan - Thursday

Hendrix Legacy - Tuesday/Saturday

Asylum Challenge - Wednesday

Mila & James - Thursday

We Who Live - Monday/Friday

So there you have it, ladies and gents. (:
I need a story schedule, because If I don’t have one, some of my other stories will never get published cause I’m too busy writing We Who Live and Hendrix Legacy. xD
Lacey and Ryan and Mila & James are both on Thursdays because that’s how I want it. So ha! xD

So this will officially come into play tomorrow. So Monday-Saturday you’ll have reading material from me. This will also keep me from posting two chapters a day and getting a head of myself…. :)

The rest of my posts will just be photos and fun things. ^.^

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This is a screenshot of the people who have been on my Hendrix Legacy page today.

Holy shit, I literally have readers from all over the place.
This actually make me so fucking happy. <333

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Preview of Chapter 3.

It’s going to be posted in a few days.
Working out a story schedule right now. To be posted within the next few hours. (:

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The next chapter of We Who Live might be a little slow and boring. But it’s necessary to an extent… xD

I was reading through the first two chapters, and realized I haven’t done anything with Evan and Nicole’s relationship. So you will get to see a glimpse of what this brother/sister duo is really all about and where their relationship stands.

So, in turn it may be a bit boring. BUT FEAR NOT. There is much planned for the characters coming soon. We can’t rush these things, you know. ;)

If there’s anything in particular you want to see happen, let me know and I’ll take it into consideration. (:

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This girl right here

majesticplumbobs has been helping me alot with Ideas with writing and of course creating sims for me; she so amazing thank you and she help me with Simsicels

It’s no problem sweetheart. <3

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Pft, I would do no such thing. d:

Have I already gained the reputation of “the one who kills everyone”? xD
I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Lol, no. I’m actually not killing them off. They’re too important for the story. At least for the time being. But these two have some shit coming their way, I can promise you that. xD

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Probably my two favorite characters right now.
I adore the shit out of them both, and it’s making what I have planned for them really hard to write. xD

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Bump Watch. :)

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